Be an artist.

Profile: Harry Aramaki

English Speech, Ikebana artist, poet,

Speech Coach and Philosophy Navigator.

Born and raised in Yokohama-city.
After graduating from University of Tokyo,
he worked at Keidanren(Japan Business Federation) for 7 years.
Then, started his own business, but failed.
After that, he joined an education startup company
and worked for 3.5 years as COO.
Now he is on his brilliant artist journey.


  • Live with the free play of my mind, both sensory and intellectual
  • Keep the faith in any situation (free)
  • Be now here and always enjoy myself
  • Keep creating something
  • Respect others’ individuality
  • Become strong in order to love others


The world people love themselves first, and begin to love others.


Help people be honest to their intuition and send a strong and beautiful life.